Building On A Strong Foundation

At a planning session for a new development in my neighbourhood, much attention was focused on preserving the facades of the older smaller buildings that have been around for many years. The new developments will be added to the the existing structure that will also be redeveloped.On a recent visit to Toronto I noticed how new skyscrapers built on top of the facades and lower floors of older smaller buildings.

I am often working with teams from agencies that have been around for 30 to 50 years. The agencies have rich history, tradition and strength. This history usually includes organizing at grass roots level and tapping into the passion and commitment of many. They have deep foundations and  they are exploring how they build on this foundation and history and engage with community in different ways.

This new version may require: new supports, new partners, new traditions and engaging those who built the strong foundation. These conversations and steps will take the ideas from wooden blocks to dynamic living breathing community assets.

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