Community Development Leadership Summit

On June 28th in Columbus Ohio, OACB  will be hosting a Community Development Leadership Summit.  There will be inspirational stories, interactive activities, and discussion facilitated by innovative community builders from across North America. The speakers will include:

Matthew Green, City Councillor, Hamilton, ON: Start With What You Have. He will speak of application of Asset Based Community Development in government and the meaningful difference it has made for residents.

Tommy Reuff, Founder of Happen, Inc, Cincinnati, OH: Community Is More Than Where You Live.This session will describe how Happen brings families together through shared creative experiences and how this applies to how we all live together.

Ann Livingston and John McKnight


Ann Livingston, Community Organizer, Vancouver, BC: Organizing The Unorganizable with Love, Respect and Trust. Ann is the co-founder of Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users and recent recipient of the Woman of Courage Award. Ann will share how her experiences can be put to use building inclusive communities

Sheldon Johnson, Managing Director Community Development For All People, Columbus, OH. Embracing the Economy of Abundance. This interactive session will look at stories of application and how we can put ABCD principles into action

Bill Ross, Antonio Adams and Keith Banner, Thunder-Sky Inc. The Art of Community Building. These artists will share the Thunder-Sky story and how it celebrates and builds on the contributions of all citizens.

Joe Erpenbeck, ABCD Institute, Heart Matters, Actions That Transform Neighborhoods. This interactive session will explore thoughts from the day and the power of a passionate why. We will look at what we can do to build places of radical hospitality.

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