Explanations are Needed

There are many lists going around on FB such list your top 10 albums that have influenced your musical tastes, best photos, best art, etc. Many of them say just post a photo and that no explanation is needed. And then often you are to tag someone or a bunch of people.

My friend Dave started a thread on music and anyone can contribute. He added this is rock and roll so rules are meant to be broken. There is no need to tag anyone and he offers an explanation to each of his photos. His explanations are great stories that bring the photo alive.

I posted Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen on one of these lists. I think I was 14 when I biked across town to buy this album. I had heard the song on the local rock station WEBN and was blown away. I then learned of his 3 to 4 hour high energy live shows where he also told stories behind the songs. I was hooked. This record had a lot of influence on me. Is there an album or artist that has influenced you and is there a story behind it?

Thanks Dave for sharing your great stories.

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