Getting Out of Our Silos

Getting Out Of Our Silos

For 35 years I have spent time with people with disabilities and their families finding ways that we can each share our uniques gifts and contributions to create caring, supportive and inclusive societies.

While sometimes we might feel like we are working in circles, the groups that I have been collaborating with lately are really on to something.

Here is a really important insight from Chris Grayson the Executive Director of Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley:

“At Joe’s workshop, we welcomed 40 other agencies and community members that also wanted to connect. The work from the sessions required us to step outside of our comfort zones and have conversations with people we don’t normally speak to, and in some cases, who we were meeting for the first time.”

– Chris Grayson, Executive Director, Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley

Here’s a link to an article from Health Matters Magazine about his thoughts and the event:

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