Have you called your friends lately?

For many years around this time, I would receive a phone call from my friend Bill to remind me to “spring my clocks forward.” This was a gift Bill gave to his friends.  He did the same thing every fall to “fall back a hour.”

What a humble gift from a guy who also was an actor in a movie that won 4 Oscars, one of the longest tv series ever and many other movies and plays.

Bill was a friend who if he thought about you, he called you to let you know.

That does not seem to happen too much anymore.

Bill was an amazing connector and was fearless about sharing his many gifts with others.  His role in the  movie Rainman changed his life, and he changed the lives of the people in his life.

He always sprung others forward!

Bill passed away in 2009 at the age of 53.  

I will always miss him and celebrate the way that he contributed to my life.

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