Increasing Our Resilience

It is often said that we can achieve more as group/ team / neighbourhood than we can as individuals.  We all have  interests, gifts, and skills. When we share those in the community or in a group we can find a sense of belonging, relationships, and our community becomes stronger.

When we are not able to share our gifts we can feel rejected, isolated, and not valued. When challenges, trauma and difficult times arise it can be difficult to bounce back.We can feel lost in the woods. Without our connections we may further isolate ourselves and believe that others don’t want to engage. It can become even more challenging to bounce back in a positive manner.

Those who are surrounded by services, supports and programs can become isolated from community and non-paid supports. This can leave people vulnerable to neglect and abuse. Many of the recent conversations I have been in have explored ways to decrease this isolation and increase relationships and care in community.




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