Make A Difference In One Room

Yanni’s Greek Grill is on the north side of Columbus. It has been there for over 20 years. The food is delicious and the place is very welcoming. The server ( and community builder) engages with everyone and ¬†on this night facilitated a group conversation around pc or mac? A woman towards the front of the diner has always been a pc user while a guy more towards the back has been a mac user and collector for many years. It was an easy topic for everyone to chime in on and the conversation expanded over our meals.

Peter Block says each of us can build community one room at a time by how we engage with others in the room.Yanni was born in Greece but moved here from Manitoba many years ago and now much of his family works with him. That night in Columbus I said good bye to the others in this restaurant as I left. It seemed the right thing to do since we had started to get to know each other.

How can you build community today in a room that you are in?

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