Sometimes We Need a Map

In Vancouver there is a disc golf course on a relatively small area of land. The holes are all marked, but they are so close together it can be difficult to know if you are throwing to the correct target.  This course is much more enjoyable when there is someone who can give you a map of the layout. The first time I tried to play this course,  it was kind of frustrating and hard to navigate.  Then my friend Corey drew a map for and now it is one of my favourite courses.

The same can be true about discovering the assets in our community and becoming more connected.  We know that there are groups, associations, institutions, faith communities and public spaces all around us – but it can be hard to know where to start in getting involved.

Finding the people who are the natural Connectors can help us navigate and help to discover the welcoming people and places in our neighbourhoods.

Who is a person you know who is the one who seems to know every one and everything that is going on?

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