Suddenly Stranded But With Practical Supplies


On a long flight home, we encountered severe storms that resulted in my flight being diverted to another airport. There, severe lightning emerged and we were stuck for 3 hours. Eventually we were able to arrive at our destination. Unfortunately I had missed my connecting flight and there was not another until the next morning.In the airport there were hundreds of others in similar situations. Everyone was scrambling to figure out their options. I found an agent who informed me of flight options and nearby hotels, which he said were likely full. He offered me an overnight bag which contained items that I might need as I spent a night in the airport.

I appreciated his concern and was hopeful that I would not be there long enough to need any packets of detergent.  This made me think how often we ask people to do work without the things they may need or provide things that are not needed. For example, instead of detergent, it would have been great to receive some food or a snack. This is especially true in the area of community development.

Makes me think of these questions:

What’s most important?

What are the values that drive us?

Who are others doing similar work?

Where are my supports when I do feel stranded? 

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