Consultation and Support


Joe leads groups and gives speeches at conferences, AGMs, and retreats. Topics include:

The Power of Community:  This session focuses on the impact of connected communities. A connected community can do things services and agencies simply can’t do.

Building On Our Assets:  Session focuses on what to look for in community with an asset-based lens and how to begin connecting the assets that are all around us.

A Powerful Why:  This session gets to the heart of the matter, the why. Conversations will explore the driving force in our work and implications for what we do

ABCD: An Overview:  Session focuses on ABCD principles and impact for community building / connecting work. Participants will have an understanding of the principles and significance of discovery assets.

In Search of Hospitality:  This session includes community experience and exploration and in-depth discussion of identifying approaches that work to discover the assets

Our Abundant Community:  This is a story telling session looking at the impact of community building / connecting work. Participants will explore quantitative measurements that matter and qualitative measures and basic story telling techniques.

A Blueprint For Community Building:  This is a 4 part series introducing ABCD principles and then examining potential in our lives and work and developing an implementation plan.