What Do You Prefer?

There was an article in the NY Times written by a pilot asking the question, do people prefer takeoffs or landings? In an admittedly unscientific pool he discovered the most people prefer takeoffs while only 41% prefer landings. Comments were made about takeoffs being the start of something, a promise or seeing the world with a fresh look.
He also surveyed a group of pilots and found the most prefer landings . Comments were made about there’s more required during landings, completion of the flight, and coming home.

On a recent flight to Denver the pilot abruptly started ascending as we were this close to landing. He announced there was too much runway traffic and we would need to circle the area for a while. I thought about stories I heard recently from people who receive services from agencies who spoke about lack of control, confused and unsure where they are going.

I appreciated the quick communication from the pilot. We circled Denver a couple of times and had a smooth landing.

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