Recent Projects

Institute for Museum and Library Services : Joe provided support to 6 libraries and museums in the US in implementation of community catalyst initiatives.

Community Matters: Joe facilitates a monthly small group conversation of people interested in community building

ABCD Cincinnati: Joe was the coordinator for a project facilitating connections and building on the assets in neighborhoods across Cincinnati, OH. He led a team that built relationships with businesses, associations, faith communities and citizens. This project was recognized for its effectiveness and innovation.

Building Caring Communities : Joe led the incubation of a community building initiative in British Columbia. He worked with 4 agencies to build relationships and develop connecting skills. This initiative was supported by a McConnell Foundation Grant.

My Neighbors Place: Joe was a support to the development and implementation of a welcoming community center in Cincinnati whose focus was to share radical hospitality. This included a neighborhood café and connecting assets in the community.

Westwood Works: Joe was support to the development of an innovative asset based civic group in Cincinnati. This group has had a tremendous impact in the life of this community.

Treasures of Cincinnati: Joe developed this series of community conversations across the city where citizens shared stories of their gifts and how they share with others. This slogan was reveling the gems that make our city great.

WAM!: Joe developed this small group community conversations designed to build relationships and support citizens in action.

100 In One Day: Joe partnered with this group to implement 6 community interventions as part of this international community building festival.

Program Redesign: Joe provided supported to several agencies in Ohio, Wisconsin and Ontario and microboards to retool and explore how the support people to have active lives in community with a network of support.