Consultation and Training


Joe provides training and support for Asset Based Community Development.  He has presented at conferences, retreats, AGMs and Community Conversations.

Topics include:

Staying Connected During Global Pandemic: This is a series of conversations to build connections and knowledge of community development during a pandemic.

ABCD: An Overview:  This session provides an in depth look at Asset Based principles and how they have been utilized by  diverse groups.

From Assets to Action:  This interactive session will explore how to take action with the principles of ABCD as foundation to build relationships, belonging and a more connected community. Participants will be able to identify assets in their communities and first steps they can take in their work.

Near and Dear:  Near and Dear is a fun community conversation and mapping experience exploring the people, places, businesses and groups that make up a neighborhood.  This is a chance to connect with others and discover what is present in the community. This is an experience for kids, adults, community leaders and anyone who cares about their community.

A Powerful Why:  This session gets to the heart of the matter, the why. Conversations will explore the driving force in our work and implications for what we do

In Search of Hospitality:  This session includes community experience and exploration and in-depth discussion of identifying approaches that work to discover the assets

Our Abundant Community:  This is a storytelling session looking at the impact of community building / connecting work. Participants will explore quantitative measurements that matter and qualitative measures and basic story telling techniques.

A Blueprint For Community Building:  This is a 4 part series introducing ABCD principles and then examining potential in our lives and work and developing an implementation plan.