It’ll Look Like This

I met a street artist last week in the nearby skate park and he was holding a can of spray paint and evaluating the start of his painting. There was a can of white spray paint in his hand and several other colours art his feet. I glanced at the artwork and asked if he had time for me to ask some questions about his work. He seemed happy that I was curious. I learned that he was creating this all from a photo he had with him. I wondered if he put down any marks to guide him but he simply holds the photo up and starts painting.

He pulled the photo out and showed it to me and said come back in a couple of hours and hopefully it’ll look like this. His hope was that it would cover the faded painting that was currently on the ramp so that was guiding the size of his canvas. I returned several hours later and the image from the photo now adorned the skating ramp.

I thought of some of the projects I have been apart of and when people came together to colourfully describe what they can picture the outcome some time down the road and what was needed to clearly see or feel that image.

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