On Alert for Connections

I biked over to a nearby river where I heard that salmon could be seen jumping as they swam up river. When I arrived there were 8 – 10 people there all paying close attention to the waterfall in hopes of seeing a salmon jump the fall. Most people gathered had a camera to photograph the jumps. As time passed and everyone patiently (or not) waited, some began showing photos that they had taken, talking about numbers of fish the previous day, and the impact of the weather.

It seemed most had one eye on alert for the next jump attempt but also welcoming a chance to share the experience with others. The small crowd gathered cheered for each attempt and people came and went with each new onlooker being provided an update of the proceedings. It didn’t seem to matter if you had a great camera or even a camera at all you were instantly a part of this impromptu salmon watching cheering club..

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