Many Things Growing

Many Things Growing at the Community Garden

The sun had just come up and was making its way over the far hillside, so mist was still hanging on the multitude of plants that are growing in the 39 plots at the community garden. After being away for 6 days on a work trip, I needed to catch up on overdue weeding, so I brought my morning coffee along to get an early start.

Sam who lives nearby arrives and greets me and I say happy Friday. He tells me that for him everyday is Friday, but it isn’t always as great as you think it might be. He knows what is growing and the gardeners for most of the plots and he shares stories of the gardens, former gardeners, and some history of the neighborhood. He tells a story of a former gardener would also come by early with “his coffee” which was 2 beers, but he moved away a few years ago.

Jay another gardener who I haven’t met yet, arrives and shares that he learned at the local bakery that today is National Donut Day and offers us 3 options from his bag of donuts. We talk about what we are growing and have going on today.

This Friday is starting off exceptionally well, and is feeling like a good day for growing.

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