Not So Hidden Gem

One of my favourite places to visit when I am back in Cincinnati is Sebastians. Sebastian’s Greek Restaurant is a tiny Greek diner on a busy corner that overflows with hospitality. The food is amazingly delicious and Alex the owner always treats you like a long-term friend. Although I have known him for a long time, now I get there only several times a year, but I am always greeted with the same warm welcome.Last visit, prior to COVID, I paid attention as Alex prepared my lunch and how he interacts with his customers. He is often very busy but will offer a question to everyone: what are you up to today, how was your holiday, how’s your work these days, or simply how’s it going. This often opens the door for a conversation and sometimes engages others in the restaurant.I was witness to this as a question that he asked me developed into a fifteen minute conversation that gradually pulled in 4 others into the conversation. There was a sense of community that made our great lunch all the more enjoyable. The local news recently recognized Sebastians as hidden gem:

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