Sweet Neighbourhood Doughnuts

The doughnuts were works of art in the display case. There were so many colours and creative names to go with the colourful masterpieces. You couldn’t just walk by without going in, right. After checking out all of them, I ordered a Strawberry Cheesecake doughnut and coffee. I was in the Federal Hill neighbourhood of Baltimore 2 years ago and met Roslan and Emily of Diablo Doughnuts. They told me the story of Diablo and also shared suggestions of other wonderful places and businesses in their neighbourhood to visit while I was in town. It was such a welcoming place to start my day and made me think of how hospitable businesses contribute to strong communities. In my free time I found myself walking through that neighbourhood and visiting some of the other businesses they recommended. The hill in the park they told me about provided a great view of the Inner Harbour.

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