What’s Your Favourite Walking Route?

“What’s your favourite walking route?” was one of a dozen questions on the spinning wheel at a community BBQ. Neighbours who attended the event could spin the wheel and draw or write a response to their question. The questions were designed to discover the gifts, interests and passions of everyone. There was usually a crowd of 3 to 5 around the wheel so it also became an opportunity for people to get to know each other.

The organizer for this event invited a group of neighbours to be a planning group and design the event and to talk about it afterwards. Their meetings were celebrations and a chance to share stories. The BBQ became an annual event and one that has connected many neighbours each year. It also provides an opportunity for anyone to contribute their gifts.

One of my favourite memories is how they modified a community bingo game I had shared to be a registration for door prizes and encouraging everyone to engage with at least 15 others at the event. The stories were amazing and it was a great reminder of the power of invitation, connection and celebration.

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