A Magical Sound

This is me playing the piano, the sound was not magical

There is a high glass ceiling in the atrium on the way to my neighbourhood grocery store. On one one side is a pharmacy and the other the grocery store. In the atrium are picnic tables, several large wooden stumps for people to sit and off to the side there is a blue piano. It is a comfortable place to sit and relax or wait for someone who is shopping.

Yesterday a neighbour that I’ve seen here several times was again playing the piano. I refer to him as “Piano Player” as he is often here. Today he was playing this beautiful piece that he was working on last week. He is singing softly to himself and I stop and sit on a nearby stump to listen. I strain to listen more closely and notice as his sound echoes though the high atrium and it is magical. Today others in this space seemed to be captured by the lovely music too.

ps: I have also stopped to “play” on the piano and the sound was not magical

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